LaKisha M. Johnson

Picture of LaKisha M. Johnson

LaKisha M. Johnson, MA is Executive Director of Sickle Cell Support Services in Little Rock, AR. She co-founded the organization with her husband, the Late Germaine Johnson Sr. in 2004. She has served alongside her husband in her community advocating for equitable resources, quality of care and patient rights for sickle cell patients in the state of Arkansas.

Soon to be Dr. Johnson, she is a candidate in Applied Gerontology at the University of North Texas. Her research studies focus on spirituality, culture, sustainability, cultural competency and Alzheimer disease. She has worked as a research assistant and focus group moderator and facilitator. She has two published book reviews.

Mrs. Johnson has served as advocate, curriculum coordinator, trainer, program developer, grant writer, community planner, program evaluator and community liaison for her organization. Early this year, due to her husband’s failing health; she took on role as Executive Director of Sickle Cell Support Services. She is motivated by passion, the mission and their call. Mrs. Johnson’s fight for sickle cell consumers and their families, is personal, she has been caregiver to her husband for the last 13 years. Her mission is summed in the following statement. “We fight for equitable resources, better health care practices and more research for individuals living with sickle cell disease. This isn’t our platform, this is our life.”